Media Buyers & Brokers Representing National & Regional Clients Including Hospitality Firms, Manufacturers,  Direct Marketers
Doyen Communications offers advertisers highly discounted media placements. These are contracted capacity buys and aggressive bulk inventory based contracts we enter into with the various media properties to bring our clients top tier placements at pricing levels at or below remnant inventory rate structures.
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Over 30 individual publications serving a variety of industry sectors make up the Doyen Communications portfolio.
Doyen Communications develops, publishes and distributes industry, company and consumer based information and awareness.
Doyen Communications is a full service advertising placement agency and premium content creator publishing industry and audience specific news journals and web portals. 
doyen noun, [ doi’(y)en, French dwa-yan ] “considered to be knowledgeable or uniquely skilled as a result of long experience in a field of endeavor”
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Doyen Communications is a full service advertising placement agency serving the research, campaign development and placement needs of both brand and direct response advertisers
Full Service Agency
Whether you're running a Direct Response Campaign, Lead Generation program or Branding effort the placement tools and discount structures will allow you to lower your cost per connect and maximize your advertising budget.
For the Direct response advertiser we have developed target saturation programs that offer the ability to maximize frequency to plan and execute a successful  DR campaign
Branding campaigns can be delivered with the same precision and cost saving rate structures available to Direct Response advertisers.
We offer a complete suite of media planning tools, response analytics and campaign development services to research and identify core targets, plan the media insertion calendar, implement the placement and Monitor results. All utilizing an inventory acquisition model that provides extremely discounted rate structures to extend the value of your campaign placements and lower your cost structures
A well planned and thoroughly executed media buy at highly discounted rate structures is the key to a successful return on the investment of your advertising budget. Reaching your target audience at the lowest possible cost per connect while maximizing response rates provides the campaign metrics to extend your reach through precision targeting and invest your advertising dollar into just those areas where your return is maximized.
For those operating Lead Generation programs we provide the ability to target local and regional markets  at rate structures normally available only to national advertisers.
Doyen Communications is a full service advertising placement agency, creative developer and content architect. Developing, Publishing and Distributing  Industry and Audience Specific News Journals and Web Portals.
Doyen Communications is a NWBB Inc Company Currently Placing Advertising For
Doyen Communications has been acquired by publicly traded  ReelTime Inc OTCPK: RLTR ReelTime’s production capabilities and expertise in the field of Virtual Reality will be an excellent addition serving the Doyen clientèle The management and staff of Doyen Communications will remain with the company to provide for a smooth and exciting transition